Movidius, CEO

Remi El-Ouazzane

Remi El-Ouazzane is a French businessman and embedded systems engineer who has led various initiatives in mobile wireless computing, machine vision and embedded artificial intelligence. El-Ouazzane currently serves as CEO of Movidius.

Remi joined Movidius as its CEO in 2013 guiding the company’s product strategy and focus on driving artificial vision intelligence in the next wave of connected devices.

Since joining Movidius, Remi has established the company’s presence in Silicon Valley and China, continued to scale its R&D team and successfully positioned the company as the leading provider of advanced embedded machine vision solutions. Major successes under Remi’s leadership have included partnerships with Google and DJI among others, as well as accelerating the revenue growth of the company.

Before joining Movidius, Remi spent 15 years at Texas Instruments where he served as Vice President and worldwide general manager of the Open Multimedia Applications Platform (OMAP) Business Unit. In this role, he led development of strategic relationships with Amazon, Google and Microsoft and dramatically increased revenue during his tenure overseeing operations, R&D and global sales and marketing for the OMAP Business Unit. Prior to leading OMAP, Remi held a number of business and engineering roles of increasing responsibility across business units within Texas Instruments.

Remi graduated from Harvard Business School’s GMP program. He also holds a master’s degree of science in semiconductor physics engineering from the Grenoble (France) Institute of Technology (Grenoble INP) and graduated in economics and finance from the Grenoble (France) Institute of Political Studies (IEP Grenoble). Remi is also an alumni of the Young Leader program from the French American Foundation.